Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mechanics education resources

This post will contain links to mechanics resources.

Links to resources for learning mechanics
MIT's Open Courseware program offers an entire education online, free.
This is an excellent resource. Just looking at the pictures is really cool and worthwhile.

The mechanics demonstration site at Wolfram, an educational software firm.

"Hyperphysics" a free education site with many demonstrators and education tools.

A very large set of links to physics education resources maintained by Pitt.

This New York Times piece shows Olympic events like luge, downhill, and half pipe skiing and discusses some of the physics of what must happen to achieve a good run.

These are the educational simulations at Look in the physics section for mechanics and vectors. 

MITs Open Courseware site with lectures available on many topics. This is the link for mechanics lectures. These are likely not algebra-based mechanics, but they are still interesting to watch.

Zonaland education. This fellow taught high school physics for many years, and has an interest in ray tracing and animations, which he has turned to developing an animated physics and mathematics education site. It looks pretty neat to me, at first glance. Let me know what you think about this.

Youtubes from Stanford University's Leonard Suskind. This is calculus-based material, but you can still get a lot from it without knowing calculus. There are many more lectures in this series, but they are reachable by clicking from these videos, so I'm just posting these. 


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