Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Astronomy Links

This is a list of links for my Fall term, 2012, Survey of Astronomy course, ASTR&100. I'm leaving these because it may be bookmarked elsewhere, but for the Winter, 2013 links go to the later post in this same blog.

Many of these contain some of the most beautiful astro-photographs of galaxies, nebulae, etc. 

Big bang discussion, the early universe, WMAP, etc. Nice overview from the History Channel on youtube.

And another big bang video, this one from National Geographic.

This video shows a solar flare developing into an amazing, rain-like towering, arched, phenomena. It is a good thing that this nuclear blast next door happens to be gentle with us, most of the time.

Here's the Mars site from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Many resources with various satellites and rovers.

A great animation of the voyage, landing, and explorations of the Mars Curiosity rover.

A stunning video compiled from the Curiosity's perspective of its landing on Mars and a pan around the landing site.

The Mars explorer, Curiosity has found proof of water on the surface (in the past). This has been believed, but now there is proof of actively flowing water, and that implies conditions that may have produced life. Here's a link in the Washington Post.

A recent paper suggests that life may have made its way to earth from distant solar systems.

NASA’s Pic of the Day:

UW’s Astronomy Dept. Site

A regularly updated set of astronomy links in Sky and Telescope magazine. S&T is one of the famous astronomy buff magazines.

Gorgeous images from the official Hubble Space Telescope gallery.

This site “Showcases how anyone with a digital camera can capture stunning astro-photographs.”

A British astronomy magazine

Here's a group that wants to deliberately spread our life forms to space. Might be a great way to annihilate other civilizations. The best of intentions...

More to come.

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