Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toroidal Vortex Links

Vortices are intensely localized, circular fluid flows, tornados and dust devils are common examples. If you wrap such a vortex around into a closed loop, you have a toroidal vortex, a smoke ring being an exampe of those. They also emerge from volcanos. The following links are to videos and other information about toroidal vortices.

Vortex Cannon on Youtube

House of straw destroyed by vortex cannon.

The vortex write up in Wikipedia.

Vortex Ring emerging from volcano

Porpoises generating toroidal vortex bubble rings and playing with them.

Here's a classic from Japan. They have a team of engineers in hard hats working together to launch a smoke ring some 30 meters, all to snuff out a candle flame!

Then, just for fun, there is the spiritual, mystic crystal revelation interpretation of vortices. I’ve spent some time in Sedona, AZ, site of some of the most famous vortex “portals to other realms” described in this site.

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