Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wave and Oscillation Links

These links lead to collections of physics learning tools, mostly relating to waves and oscillations. Look for expansions to this post in the future. 

A set of neat little applets from Walter Fendt. Scroll down to the oscillations and waves section to see simulations of resonance, coupled pendula, beat frequencies, etc.

A set of physics applets from the University of Colorado, including waves, motion, quantum, light, and many others.

A “friction harp” that uses resonance to produce tones. “Tis a Gift to be Simple”

A really nice simple harmonic motion demonstration at CoLoS, Conceptual Learning of Science, showing a revolving circle linked to an oscillating spring. Very clear depiction of displacement, velocity, and acceleration.

Physics demonstration videos from Wake Forest University Dept. of Physics.

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